Entry #1

Finally, A New Game

2014-05-29 20:17:57 by KiiraGames

   In the past couple of weeks I've been ridiculously busy and maybe preocupied by things that may well have been a complete waste of time. What was I thinking trying to pull off designing a game like Arma almost entirely on my own? Though, I sure learned a lot. Now I know how to program just about everything in Unreal Engine and that's some pretty useful knowledge, but not useful in terms of making money, at least not yet. I know, I just now graduated high school, but I have a lot of people depending on me earning money to support myself and those dear to me. 

   So, what can I do? The first thing I thought of was writing, but that's just a hobby and not only that, it's a long term thing and I have to accept that, I can't force it to be short term. Though, for a little while I forgot about Newgrounds... Newgrounds, a collection of qualified and passionate game designers, musicians, and artists that love games. Newgrounds, I can only say one thing, you could very possibly save my life. 

   So what am I really getting at here? A new game. Something worth while, and well programmed (as I've got a lot of experience, if you'd like to see my resume just message me). I wonder if anyone here would be willing to make a game with me? And the big question is, if you were willing, what do you think would be the best choice of game? 

   I'm thinking of making something simple and fun to play. So, what do you all think? If you want a good programmer for a game of your own, I would be happy to help. Right now I'm basically free to program anything and everything. I need a job, and I need one fast. 


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