What a shame!

2014-07-16 01:42:21 by KiiraGames

So, I guess you can't make MLP games on Newgrounds... What a bummer. xP Rainbow Dash Flap got taken down last week like the day after I posted it, but whateva, nobody liked it anyways, sooo moving on! 

I've been working on a couple game engines for complex and well thought out games, which I'm sure everyone will actually like. :) Testing the waters has served its purpose and now it's time to move to bigger and better things, but! There's also a really complex and super duper nerdy programming thing I'm working trying to duplicate a human minds' thoughts. Why? Well, who doesn't want a super awesome intelligent computer AI to talk to? Yes, it's going to be fully functional voice comunicated intelligent AI that will ask you questions to get to know you, help you out when you need it, keep you on task (for the procrastinators) and so SO much more. I'm calling model #1 Jarvis. Any Iron Man fans out there? Yeah, that's what I'm talkin about. Jarvis, when complete, will be on three different platforms, Android, IOS, and (of course) Windows. Ever wanted a helping hand that knows you better than you know yourself? If not, then you're not like me and are not worthy of the Jarvis.


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