Goodbye Newgrounds!

2014-11-15 18:46:25 by KiiraGames

As the title states, I'm leaving Newgrounds for quite a while and may no possibly return. I've started an actual game team making games for consoles, so I won't be using Newgrounds so much anymore. Surely though, I will be back every so often, uploading some simple and sweet projects just like normal. Actually, speaking of which, there is one more that will be definitely uploaded, which you will see later. But I'm done with Newgrounds after the game I'm working on right now for it that was originally designed for PO4, though we're a little late. Good luck, everyone, with your Newgrounds adventures!


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2014-11-15 18:57:17

good bye.


2014-11-17 22:57:58

Best of luck to you man. Can't wait to play some of your stuff someday! :)