Entry #6

Byte Sized Heroes Animation - Byte Waking Up

2017-02-01 10:09:31 by KiiraGames

Byte Waking Up from his slumber



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2017-02-01 10:11:28

how come people on this site never notice people like you?

KiiraGames responds:

It will take time. :) Right now though, it's mostly because I haven't made consistent progress. If I were to upload Byte Sized Heroes right now, it wouldn't be met with the praise that I want it to, or in other words, it wouldn't be successful at all. The game needs to give people a good idea of what it's going to be before I can share it to the fullest extent. I've just been hinting it's progress here and there for the truly curious, those who'd go out of their way to notice a post like this.