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Mega Man ZX Online

2015-03-29 13:01:30 by KiiraGames

Hello, Newgrounds! Many of you have probably seen/played the game I uploaded titled "Retro Man" which was basically thought out to be a clone of Mega Man X with a different story, setting, and characters. The entire thing was going to be completely different. This turned out to get a lot of negative review, because who really wants a game that's supposed to copy Mega Man, instead of just Mega Man? 

With this realization, I took it upon myself to build on the engine, making the controls and movement an exact duplicate of that which you'd find in Mega Man ZX. The game is becoming something much bigger than I originally invisioned, because what I was aiming for at first was just a simple Mega Man type of engine that people could make a Mega Man game with. 

You can find my blog post about it here:

The original goal of the project remains the same, though. The Construct 2 Mega Man engine is completely open source, anybody can use the engine once I upload it. The original posts I made about Retro Man are extinct, and the whole project has been altered to meet the complexity of ZX. The next thing I decided I should add is multiplayer. Making an MMO has always been a dream of mine, and until recently, I wasn't very good at it. But now? Now, I can make an entire MMO with ease. 

So, I took the game and I'm currently making it much bigger than I'd ever originally planned for it to be. The estimated time of arrival of the ACTUAL alpha of the project is within a month. This will include all menus, exploration, multiplayer, character levelling and customization, costume modules, etc. 

The problem? Well, this is where things get serious...

As you're all probably really into Mega Man, especially considering the amount of people that reviewed that cruddy thing I uploaded a while ago, you'd probably be willing to benefit this game becoming official, right?

You see, without the help of the community, Mega Man ZX Online may one day be taken down because of copyright, after uploading it. This is not something I want. So, what I decided to do is start a Kickstarter. 

Now, if you don't want to spend money on the Kickstarter, as I'm definitely not the only one without money here, I would really appreciate it if you'd just comment on it. Bring in some people to the post so that more people see it and want to pledge to the cause of getting Capcom to possibly officialize the project as their own game. 

If the officialization does end up happening, the game will go up on Greenlight and Wii U Store for free. Yupp, completely free. And it's not a pay to win. The game costs me nearly nothing to create and keep up rather than time, which I have plenty of.

But no amount of time will ever make Capcom interested in officializing ZX Online. What I'm hoping for is that, because of the fact that they've stopped making Mega Man games, they will take some sum of money as a fair trade as making it an official Capcom Mega Man game. 

If you're interested in contributing, I'll keep you all posted here on my news posts. 

Goodbye Newgrounds!

2014-11-15 18:46:25 by KiiraGames

As the title states, I'm leaving Newgrounds for quite a while and may no possibly return. I've started an actual game team making games for consoles, so I won't be using Newgrounds so much anymore. Surely though, I will be back every so often, uploading some simple and sweet projects just like normal. Actually, speaking of which, there is one more that will be definitely uploaded, which you will see later. But I'm done with Newgrounds after the game I'm working on right now for it that was originally designed for PO4, though we're a little late. Good luck, everyone, with your Newgrounds adventures!

What a shame!

2014-07-16 01:42:21 by KiiraGames

So, I guess you can't make MLP games on Newgrounds... What a bummer. xP Rainbow Dash Flap got taken down last week like the day after I posted it, but whateva, nobody liked it anyways, sooo moving on! 

I've been working on a couple game engines for complex and well thought out games, which I'm sure everyone will actually like. :) Testing the waters has served its purpose and now it's time to move to bigger and better things, but! There's also a really complex and super duper nerdy programming thing I'm working trying to duplicate a human minds' thoughts. Why? Well, who doesn't want a super awesome intelligent computer AI to talk to? Yes, it's going to be fully functional voice comunicated intelligent AI that will ask you questions to get to know you, help you out when you need it, keep you on task (for the procrastinators) and so SO much more. I'm calling model #1 Jarvis. Any Iron Man fans out there? Yeah, that's what I'm talkin about. Jarvis, when complete, will be on three different platforms, Android, IOS, and (of course) Windows. Ever wanted a helping hand that knows you better than you know yourself? If not, then you're not like me and are not worthy of the Jarvis.

Exciting News!

2014-07-11 15:23:51 by KiiraGames

So, lately I've been working on the PO4 Contest game with my team, and that's been my main priority for the past two weeks, trying to perfect it's engine. It's going very nicely, with big thanks out to Sonik (our composer) and Luis (our artist). They both are great at what they do, and doing this is going to be a whole lot of fun. 

The game we're making actually functions a lot like Sonic the Hedgehog in platformer style, but will have much different things in it, things that we took inspiration from in other platformers. I mean, why not take inspiration from a couple platformers and use it to make our own, original and creative game? I would tell you more, but it's a surprise ;). It's getting exciting though, learning how to make a Sonic game with Box2d physics was one of the hardest programming things I've ever done haha, but now that I did the physics are actually more realistic than Sonics, even though they're very close. 

Another thing is an RPG, which I'd discussed earlier on on my previous blog post, something that I'm thinking of making with my sister, don't be shocked, she's actually a very experienced artist. The game will play similarly to Summon Night: Swordcraft Story, but with some inspirations from visual novels and Dark Cloud 2 (also known as Dark Chronicle). The characters will be sprites, but walking around on 3D terrain, something I'd actually just dreamed about a night ago (yes, I get game ideas in my sleep). It will be a great game, because of how fun and easy it will be to make. :)

Finally, A New Game

2014-05-29 20:17:57 by KiiraGames

   In the past couple of weeks I've been ridiculously busy and maybe preocupied by things that may well have been a complete waste of time. What was I thinking trying to pull off designing a game like Arma almost entirely on my own? Though, I sure learned a lot. Now I know how to program just about everything in Unreal Engine and that's some pretty useful knowledge, but not useful in terms of making money, at least not yet. I know, I just now graduated high school, but I have a lot of people depending on me earning money to support myself and those dear to me. 

   So, what can I do? The first thing I thought of was writing, but that's just a hobby and not only that, it's a long term thing and I have to accept that, I can't force it to be short term. Though, for a little while I forgot about Newgrounds... Newgrounds, a collection of qualified and passionate game designers, musicians, and artists that love games. Newgrounds, I can only say one thing, you could very possibly save my life. 

   So what am I really getting at here? A new game. Something worth while, and well programmed (as I've got a lot of experience, if you'd like to see my resume just message me). I wonder if anyone here would be willing to make a game with me? And the big question is, if you were willing, what do you think would be the best choice of game? 

   I'm thinking of making something simple and fun to play. So, what do you all think? If you want a good programmer for a game of your own, I would be happy to help. Right now I'm basically free to program anything and everything. I need a job, and I need one fast.